Our Mission


The Napa STEM Mission

We provide the most relevant, most outstanding, most enjoyable science, technology and art instruction in the region.

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Our Values

We know our actions define us. That's why everything we do at Napa STEM Academy is dedicated to our mission, and our vision would be incomplete without our core values. 


Knowledge expands at an exponential rate.  We value curiosity because its the characteristic that most encourages an active, open, engaged mindset towards learning new things.  And there are ALWAYS new things to learn right in front of us.


We’ll never allow ourselves to become complacent - we seek to make every experience with every student better than the previous one, regardless of how awesome that last one was.


We will remain transparent and open to customer insight and recommendations.  If we make a mistake, we will quickly make it right.


Children develop very quickly through creative, exploratory play. Our first and best thought is to make our activities fun for both the students and our educators!  It’s simply a better way to learn.


We treat our students and their families like they are part of our own, because that’s the way we think about them.  Respect is a central guiding thought for us.


We are striving to create a drive for excellence in our students, so we naturally seek to create that same drive in ourselves.