Our Educators

Meet our staff of educators! Dynamic, experienced, and enthusiastic are just some of the words used to describe our team of teachers who work hard every day to bring STEM and collaborative, creative learning to our students. 

Jeff Macloud ~ president & instructor

Jeff is a credentialed multiple subject teacher with over 30 years experience teaching all levels (kinder through adults) in a wide range of topics.  He is a lifelong learner and a technology enthusiast. Jeff teaches technology in schools and after school, as well as robotics and coding and 3D printing and design. Jeff also tutors all grade levels up to college level (100/200) math.

allen quisenberry ~ operations manager & after school instructor

Allen has been teaching in leadership and education for the last 7 years, and has nearly 30 years experience is sales and customer service. He is a student of high level customer care and brings a wealth of insight in business relations and classroom management.

chris adams ~ classroom instructor

Chris has a background in 3D design and technology tools, and teaches weekly technology, robotics and 3D printing courses at school sites across Napa.

Connie Rodriguez ~ mentor & Art instructor

Connie Rodriguez has been teaching art at elementary schools in Napa Valley for years.  She has experience with parties, camps, in school and after school curriculum. Connie is fluent in Spanish.

sabrina wisnoskie ~ tutor and after school instructor

Sabrina is a recent Vintage graduate headed for UC Davis after a gap year. She is super talented in multiple disciplines and creates curriculum as well as teaches. 

Katelyn Mcleod ~ classroom instructor

Katelyn is an experienced educator and curriculum developer and teaches technology and science topics in the classroom as well as during camps. She is a language specialist (Chinese).

Madison macloud ~ Camp & Performing arts instructor

Madison Macloud is a working actress and director and a drama student at Chapman University in Los Angeles. She teaches performance art skills during holiday and summer camps.