At Our Napa Valley Schools

We are committed to one day having solid, supportive relationships with all of our NVUSD schools and look forward to creative collaboration with every organization that sees the value of STEM education.

Parent Club Collaborations

Napa STEM Academy is currently working with Alta Heights, Browns Valley, Mt. George, Pueblo Vista, Vichy, West Park, and Yountville Elementary Schools here in the Napa Valley.

We teach a full day curriculum at several of these schools during the school day, focusing on Computer Science and Robotics. We also offer an “All About Robotics” class as well as a “3D Modeling & Printing” class that is taught after school as part of the NVUSD After School Enrichment Program.

We are eager to grow these relationships and would love to talk with you about offering STEM education at your school in the upcoming year. Talk with your school’s Parent Club and encourage them to get in touch with us. We would love to work with your students.


All About Robotics

(Our after school Robotics class is currently being taught at Browns Valley, West Park, Alta Heights, and Yountville elementary schools)

Using Ozobots, Sphero, and Cubelets, kids learn to use coding to guide robots to accomplish tasks and play games.  Intuitive, fun, and engaging play that teaches logic, problem solving and scientific method. 

This class is currently only being taught at the schools listed above, however, depending on demand we may bring it back to Napa STEM Academy. Please call or send us an email to let us know if you would like to have the opportunity to enroll your child in this class.  


3D Modeling & Printing

(Our after school 3D Modeling & Printing class is currently being taught at Browns Valley and Mt. George elementary schools)

We challenge our students each week with a different 3D modeling and printing project. Students will learn to plan, design and create their own 3D items based on their current level of experience with 3D design and printing.  For example, beginning students will start with basic shapes and eventually design and create a custom coin or trinket box.  More experienced students will design and create figurines or custom game pieces. 

We currently teach this class as a NVUSD After School Enrichment class at the schools listed above as well as a Monday evening class at Napa STEM Academy. Look for new classes coming soon.